Gift Lists For Every Event

Always know exactly what gift to select

Reminders of upcoming events

Never forget a birthday or anniversary again with reminders of upcoming events

Create lists and add items from any store

Create gift lists for every event and receive the things you really want, no more regifting or returns

Easily select the perfect gift

View your friends lists and find the exact gift they want in seconds, remove the gift search frustration

My Friends

Add family and friends

Add your family and friends so you're always reminded of their upcoming events

My Events

Create gift lists

Create lists for any upcoming events such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers or weddings

Easily add gifts from stores in app

Select from your favourite brands in app and add items with a single click

Add gifts from any online store

Choose items from any online store and add the link to your list

Step by step

How it works

Download Cadu

Download the app from the Apple App or Google Play store

Add Your Family and Friends

Add your family and friends  in the app to stay up to date with their events and see their gift lists

Create Your Own Gift Lists

Create your own gift lists for all your events and add items from  any online store

Adding Gifts

How to add gifts

Option 1

Select your favourite brand in the app and add any item you'd like with a single click

Option 2

1. In your web browser, find the item you'd like
2. Copy the link
3. Return to the app and paste it to your gift list

Explore Brands in App



Create unlimited gift lists
Add as many items as you'd like
Download today and make gifting a breeze


What customers say about us

“This app made Christmas so easy, I found all the gifts for my family so quickly - amazing!”

Michael Wright
Sunshine Coast

I created my baby shower list and received everything I wanted, it's great. I've added all my family and finding gifts is so simple now.

Deshi Kuthara

A friend added me on Cadu and it's been the best thing ever. I found exactly what she wanted for her birthday in minutes. No more endless searching for birthday presents.

Amelia Jones

Cadu is such a time saver, whenever a friends birthday is coming up, I receive a reminder and can select exactly what they want.

David Hills

I always found it so hard to know what present to buy for my husband, Cadu made it so quick and easy.

Amy Johnson

Wow this app is amazing! I find gift shopping so frustrating but this made it a piece of cake.

Tori Smith
Mornington Peninsula